May 5, 2011

Cherished Moments

Most mornings, anywhere between 6:30 and 7:30, Audia will get up and crawl into bed with me. Some days she'll fall right back asleep and sleep for an hour or two, other mornings she'll snuggle with me for a few minutes and then want to get up. Either way, I find myself thinking, every morning, how lucky I am to have these quiet, snuggly, special times with my sweet girl. Who knows when she'll decide that she doesn't want/need them anymore, and who knows how they will change once Callen is here.

This morning, after crawling into bed with me at 6:30, she slept a little later than usual. We didn't have anyplace to be so I decided to let her sleep as I went to get the coffee started. As I'm putzing in the kitchen, I hear her sweet, sleepy voice call out for me. "I'll be right there, munchkin. I'm just getting the coffee ready," I say. "Is it daytime or nighttime?" she asks. "Daytime. You slept late this morning!" Her response melted my heart. "But can we still snuggle for a while before we get out of bed, Mommy?" I wanted to cry.
Audia Suzanne, of course we can still snuggle. I will always and forever make time to snuggle with you. Even when you think you're too old to snuggle with your mom, I am sure I will try to bribe you to snuggle with me anyways. I love you more than words, my sweet, sweet girl!



Awwwwwwwwww.....that's so sweet!


You'll still find time to snuggle when Callen gets here...and the best is when they are both a little older, and you find they want to both snuggle with you and each other. Precious, precious, precious:)