May 31, 2011

38 Weeks

So I was 38 weeks yesterday. Here's a photo of me now.

And here's one when I was 38 weeks with Audia.
At this point I've gained 40 lbs (*GASP!*) But I am still only ten pounds heavier now than I was when I was 8 weeks with Audia. And, I gained 42 lbs when I was pregnant with Audia, so I'm not worried about it (nor is my doctor.)

Thankfully, the pain has been decreasing daily since I injured my pubic symphysis, and I can actually walk with more stiffness than pain these days. I am hopeful that when I go in for my appointment on Thursday, we'll be able to cancel the scheduled ceserean and change it to a scheduled induction, but we'll see. We got a ton of cleaning/rearranging/purging done this weekend so I am feeling even more ready and anxious for Callen's arrival. I know I've said it before, but it is so funny how much more relaxed I am feeling about everything this time around. We'll see how relaxed I am in a few weeks, though, right?