May 16, 2011

Little Miss Personality

One of my favorite things about being a mom is watching Audia's (and soon, Callen's!) personality develop before my eyes. I have always been fascinated by people in general, in psychology and what makes different people tick. This fascination is multiplied by about a million when it comes to my own child(ren).

There is no denying that Audia is an absolute sweetheart. She loves snuggling and giving hugs and kisses to people she is comfortable with, and I know I've mentioned before that she says "I love you" about a hundred times a day (and that is honestly not an exaggeration.) She genuinely seems to care about how people are feeling and always gets very concerned if someone hurts themself or is sick. She regularly asks "Are you happy?" and if you answer yes but aren't smiling when you say yes, she'll say "Then how come you're not smiling?"

She also absolutely LOVES to tease and be teased. She loves to act silly and say silly things to get people to laugh. Anyone who knows Chris and me knows that we are jokesters at heart; we love being silly and teasing eachother, so this trait in Audia is no huge suprise. However, it does suprise me that someone so young can be so GOOD at teasing! She has become a master at being totally convincing in telling Chris that she has a secret to tell him and then giving him a wet willy when he leans in to hear it.

Another thing that everyone that spends time with Audia comments on is what a performer she is. There is no denying that this girl LOVES to put on a performance for anyone who will watch. Everything from acting to dancing to singing. Add to that an off-the-charts active imagination and she is just a ball of entertainment. Even when she doesn't know anyone is watching, she acts out scenes (usually conversations that we've had with her or things that we've read to her about in books) with herself in front of her mirror or with her stuffed animals or little plastic characters. I can't wait to see where this will take her in life...I imagine a future with at least some involvement in dance or music or acting....anything that can get her up on stage.

I am so anxious to see how Callen's personality compares to Audia. The debate between nature and nurture is always in the back of my mind: is she learning these things from us, or is this just how she is? And I can't wait to see how Callen and Audia interact and feed off of each others' personalities. I have no doubt that there will be some struggles in the beginning, but I also think that Audia is going to be a fantastic big sister to Callen. She already is talking about how she's going to hold him if he cries and is going to help change his diapers. I am so excited to see her grow into a big sister!