December 18, 2008


Well, Audia and I got to frigid Minnesnowta on Monday. What an adventure that was! Audia fared much better than I at the end of the day; She did pretty well over all with the traveling, and I was surprised to find that even after a whole day of travel, with her eating and sleeping considerably less than normal, she was still smiley and happy.
Chris helped us to security, at which point we were on our own. And of course Audia didn't want to be in her stroller for more than 10 minutes, so I had to carry her, my purse, my backpack, and push the stroller through the airport. Go figure that we set off the alarm going through security so we had to stand there and wait to be wanded....which is quite an interesting experience when you're holding a BABY. "Ok, put the baby in your right arm and hold out your left arm. Ok, now switch. Now, hold the baby out so I can wand your chest and the baby." Are you friggin kidding me??? And, of course Audia wouldn't eat for more than two minutes because she HATES being covered up while she eats. And napping? In an airport? Where there are so many new people and things to see?? Hah! But she wasn't exceptionally fussy, thank goodness, and she did sleep for about a half hour on the plane, which was good. Thankfully I'm still her favorite toy. As I said, I think she did much better than I with the whole experience; I was much more fussy at the end of the day than she :-)

So Tuesday was spent recovering. We relaxed with my mom at the house. My friend, J, came to the house for a little while to meet the little one. It was great to spend time with her, as always. Yesterday we met my friend N and her daughter, A, who is just one week older than Audia, at the mall and had their photo taken together with Santa. That was pretty funny :-) Luckily it didn't seem like too traumatic an experience for either girl; They both sat on Santa's lap without issue, as you can see :-)

The ride to the mall was a bit traumatic however, I think, for Audia. She shreiked the whole way there; The combination of the restrictive bunting and the restrictive carseat proved to be a bit too much for my little move and shaker. She certainly is proving to be a very ACTIVE baby; she's always kicking and swinging her arms, looking around and trying to wiggle her way to whatever she is interested in at the moment. My mom says she's a very determined baby and I agree; she is definitely not docile, that's for sure!

We are both enjoying my parents company; Audia loves to sit with grandma and laugh at grandpa. But we miss Chris a ton. :-( Thankfully he'll be out here in just 4 days! Then the real wintertime fun can start :-)



Sounds like a great start to Audia's first Christmas!

And thank God I didn't take that gig as a shopping mall Santa. I would be terrified to hold ONE baby, let alone TWO.

Hope all is well in Minny, and it's snowing here in Portland! I finally get snow again!


Yay! you made it through your first flight! Now the way back will be a piece of cake:-) Ugh, I'm not looking forward to travelling up your way in a few days. IT's 70 degrees today and beautiful. I think I saw that in WI the high for christmas eve will be 3 degrees. Yuck. Stay warm sweetie!