December 20, 2008

Word to the Wise

Most mothers, especially new mothers (in the under 3 yr old range), are generally a pretty tired group overall. Well, all mothers of children that live with them are tired to a certain degree, but it is my belief that new mothers are a bit moretired than the rest of mothers. At the very least, they can still remember what life was like before children a little bit more clearly. In addition to this, most mothers are pretty protective of their children and their parenting choices. Think mama lion protective.
This combination makes for a pretty defensive group of women.
So my word to the wise? Never, ever, ever tell a mother (unless they are actually abusing their child) that choices they've made or how they are raising their child is incorrect. It's one thing if you have suggestions, and they are politely and discretely made (ex. "I read in the newspaper that one way to do such and such is this..."). I don't have a problem with that. But flat out telling a mother that something she's doing shouldn't be done the way that it is is asking for trouble.
Just a suggestion to those of you without young children......



:( Uncool!!! (and if I EVER slip and say something along the lines of that, please, do not hesitate to raise an eyebrow and your voice at me...)