December 4, 2008

Growth Spurt

I am 99.9% certain that Audia is going through another growth spurt. For the past two days, she's been wanting to eat once every hour to hour-and-a-half during the day, waking up every three hours to eat at night, napping every other hour, and has been way more fussy than usual, waking multiple times in her sleep to fuss and whimper. I feel bad because she is obviously uncomfortable, and for both of our sakes I hope it doesn't last too much longer. We are both exhausted! To those of you I said I'd call this week, I'm sorry! Hopefully Ill get a chance soon.

On a more positive note, her big Christmas present from Chris and I arrived yesterday and she loves it :-)It's so neat to see her explore all the toys on it; she has begun reaching for and grabbing at things, and it's fun to watch her activate the different lights and music. It's also pretty funny because the thing has three height adjustments, and we have to put it on the middle one so that she's not flat-footed, but she's too skinny to sit in the seat without needing a folded up blanket in the seat with her to lean back on. It's the same problem we have with all her clothes; anything that is long enough for her is too big in the belly.
She finally locked into her thumb yesterday, and has been sucking it regularly since.
She had been sucking primarily on her left fist, but her right thumb is the one she sucks. Perhaps she'll be ambidextrous :-)

I ordered some sneakers for her online this weekend and they arrived today. So cute! I don't know what it is about baby shoes....I just think they are the cutest things ever! They make her look like much more of a "mini person" and less of a baby to me for some reason. Not that I am trying to get her to grow up any faster! I just think they're cute.

In non-baby news, I made fondant for the first time on Monday. It was messy but not at all difficult. I look forward to using it for snow on the gingerbread house we'll be making this weekend. (and if it works out, I look forward to trying it on a cake or two in the future!)
I'll be missing the annual Gingerbread house making party that my sister-in-law throws this year, but we are going to make a house anyway. Every year we get a little more elaborate, and this year we're going to make a victorian farmhouse. I am hoping to make the gingerbread today, if I can get an hour or two to myself to do it (hardy har har....I have a feeling with this growth spurt, this is a pipe dream). Then we can bake the pieces tomorrow or Saturday, and decorate it this weekend. Of course we'll have our standard butterscotch glass windows and nightlight inside to illuminate :-) I'll post pics once we're finished. I do love Christmastime. Below freezing weather or not, I have no problem getting in the spirit!



Darn growth spurts! I HATED those!!! I hope she gets through it soon. The one good thing is, after she goes through all her eating binges, she may actually sleep a lot after she completes the growth spurt. At least that's what Abby did. Good Luck:-)