December 9, 2008

Rolling Over

Audia started rolling over today! It was pretty funny; I set her on her back on her play mat and sat down to put on my makeup, looked over at her not even a minute after I set her down, and she was on her belly! I thought maybe I had accidentally put her on her tummy, so I got up, put her on her back, and sure enough, she promptly rolled right onto her belly again! So we played this game for a while so I could get some video of it. The funny thing is I was talking to my good friend, J, today and she mentioned that most babies roll from tummy to back first, not back to tummy. So I did some research online and sure enough, most babies roll from tummy to back around 3 months and from back to tummy around 5 months. Leave it to my child to do it backwards :-) I couldn't be more proud!